Km's Studio Natural Composites.
      Introducing NC-SiCork, Composite based on natural material destined to extreme environments.

Why NC-SiCork?.

Reviewing my field experience in the restoration of modernist architecture, and according to archaeological references, I have developed an answer from the point of view of the method of material manipulation. It is the sum of the characteristics of Opus Signium and Cork as representatives of the mineral and vegetable spectrum.
Opus Signium, or also know as "Cocciopesto" is a mortar of lime and silicates used in ancient Rome to canalize and store water that have arrived in good conditions to our days.
The cork  has been used since the Phoenician and Roman times to protect liquids in clay amphoras that have been found in underwater deposits, showing us how the cork has remained unchanged under water with a composition equal to the current cork.
The result of the sum of characteristics is a composite with a range of use from polar marine environments to dry desert environments, according to the ratio of silicates and cork in its formulation (...+info).